Friday, July 9, 2010

I DON'T do Spiders!

Laugh at me all you want.

I DON'T do spiders or rodents or things with no legs!

I am so pathetic. Last night as I'm turning down the bed, flip on the ceiling fan, and adjusting my pillows - I happen to look up and there is a spider over my head about 6" off the ceiling. I promise I did not panic. I just pulled on my robe and wrapped it tightly around myself and walked to the living room. There I informed DH to get a shoe or the fly swatter and come. He must be well trained ;0) because without a word he got up. He picked up a shoe at which I told him to NOT mark the ceiling. I pointed to where the fly swatter was. ~~ Now if I had a problem with the dang shoe - why did I even mention it? ~~ Anyway, he trucks into the bedroom and I point to the offending area and say, "Do Not get that on the bed!" He proceeds to kill the spider and assured me it was on the fly swatter and leaves.

No the story is not funny but, when did it become his job to kill spiders for me? Am I not capable of doing this myself?

Then as I lie there trying to sleep I start to think about rodents. I actually categorized them - gerbils, hamsters, and pet mice are okay. But, 'wild' mice, rats, and ferrets are not!

So, this made me grind on 'things with no legs'. I do NOT do snakes, worms, maggots, eels or anything else like that. I recently heard a story about maggots falling from a ceiling of a plane onto the passengers. Oh hell no!

As I sit here and write this I am twitching. Where did these phobias come from? I don't remember anyone torturing me with icky animals. And what makes these animals icky?

Just something I am grinding on today. I am thankful I had no dreams last night!

It's the weekend and I ought to go do something worth while!

Smiles - Denise


Parsley said...

Oh GAG...if maggots touched me...I'd PUKE!

Really...anything wild...even a squirrel...if it touches me I'm screaming like a girl. But pet animals that I know I'm about to touch is different. Just NO surprise touchies from anything alive please.

Marnie said...

I can recommend a good wine that will help with the sleeping.. :-)

Otherwise, I'm with you. If you are lucky enough to have a man in the house, they should be the designated killers of all things creepy.

Here's hoping you never find a snake in the garage! Been there, done that. Freeeeeked me out for about three months!