Monday, July 19, 2010

I did both...

I took your advice - sort of. I stitched Saturday and cleaned on Sunday.

Here's my progress on America for this week ~

If it looks like I hopped, jumped, and skipped around - I did, some. I had a doctor's appointment this week and didn't want to take the whole project with me. So, I did some background on the bottom right. Then Saturday, I wanted to get the word America on, but wanted the background in first. This is what I ended up with. It's almost embarrassing because I doubt anyone else would show something so...messy.

And here's what we got accomplished in the basement. I feel like I am showing my dirty laundry! ;0)

This part was a MAJOR yipee! DH put his things in 2 totes. Mine and DS's are here too. ~


This stuff - all Christmas decorations. It was mostly done. Just had to move a few things around. ~

And the last photo - just more things that need totes. The top shelf still has a ways to go. ~

Didn't show you what still needs to be done. It is pathetic we have this much in storage! And the 'to go' pile is 6'x6'x4' deep!

Now, I have to ask. Do you have this much stuff in your basement? Do you feel overwhelmed with it all? How do you contain your things?

Smiles - Denise


Anonymous said...

I don't have a basement, but I do have an attic, and it looks fairly like your basement! I use totes mostly for storage. The only stuff up there is Christmas and other holiday decorations. We move so often that I have perfected the art of not keeping anything I don't absolutely need. :) I'm the polar opposite of a hoarder! I clean out closets and drawers every six months or so.

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Our basement is an old dark place here but there are totes for most of the goodies which we may need sometime. lol your stitching is coming along nicely.
Be always in stitches.

Pumpkin said...

Wow, you did make great progress :o)

Hey, you didn't show what it looked like 'before' ;o) LOL! Looks orderly to me. DH built shelves in ours and we have things in boxes, up off the floor (just in case). It really needs to be gone through again though.

Anonymous said...

Wow, your America project is gorgeous! :D

When we moved to Maine from Holland, we were utterly astonished at how much "stuff" we had. Our house was so incredibly tiny that I never dreamed there was so much stuffed in (no wonder it was always a mess!). We have nothing in our current basement but don't ask me about the garage ... ;)

Vonna said...

On my 40th birthday we cleaned our basement...LOL! We always are doing stuff like that and I don't know how we end up doing it on major event days...LOL!
LOVE your America!

Deb said...

Hi Denise - thanks for visiting my blog and now I've found yours. How did I miss it. I just love your BBD piece. I had to go back through your posts to see if it was from BBD. It's looks identical to a block from a quilt I have in stash by BBD called Old Glory!!

Love the reorganization. Doesn't it feel good. And definitely if someone messes it up - draw and quarter them!