Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Wonders of Technology

I was just checking my email and I noticed a stitching buddy was online too. I IM'd her and we talked. I know what's so great about that? Well, think about it. I have met so many wonderful people online since starting this blog. And not only can I leave them comments - but I can talk to them. It isn't that many years ago that the Internet was Al Gore's idea --- sorry, that just slipped in.

I am following someone that is in Australia and I saw the kangaroos that were in her yard. It is mind blowing to me where technology has come and it sort of scares me where it could go.

Sorry, I guess I am easily impressed!

What I wanted to share today was another recipe. I haven't shared one in FOREVER and I'm in the soup mood again.

Fennel Sausage and Lentil Soup


1 carrot – diced
2 stalks celery – diced
1 white onion – chopped
2 cloves of garlic – crushed
1 lb. hot Italian sausage
2 -14.5 oz cans beef broth
3 -14.5 oz cans chicken broth
2 – 14.5 oz can whole tomatoes
2 cups dried lentils
1 tsp. Salt
¾ tsp. Black pepper
½ tsp. Crushed red pepper flakes
½ tsp. Oregano
½ tsp. Thyme
½ tsp. Fennel seeds
1 bay leaf


In large saucepan heat 1 T olive oil. Add carrots, celery, onion, and garlic saute until tender

Remove veggies from pan and add sausage. Brown and drain fat from meat.

In large stockpot add all beef broth and 2 ½ cans of chicken broth, sauteed veggies, and sausage. Open tomatoes add juice. Break apart (or dice) tomatoes before adding to stockpot. Add lentils that have been washed according to directions.

Season with salt, pepper, red pepper, oregano, thyme, fennel seeds, and bay leaf.

Simmer until lentils are tender – 45- 60 minutes. Remove 1/3 of soup and puree it using a hand held blender, then return it to pot.

Correct seasonings and remove bay leaf.

This is YUMMY!.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your day!

Smiles - Denise

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I enjoyed chatting with you so much!