Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Two tiny Finishes

The way I see it a finish is a finish!

No matter that these projects could have been finished in a few hours and it took me 2 weeks.

I apologize for the *wonderful* pictures. The sun is hiding this morning. So, I had to use my flash. Ugh!

Santa by Hinzeit

Summerland Snapper by Bent Creek

I am not happy with the way this one turned out. I liked the fabric because it reminded me of sand. The sky would have been ok but, you can't see the seagulls. I think I will either restitch this on something more appropriate or just let this one languish in the finished drawer forever!

I have decided what stitching I will be working on this weekend. I won't be taking *Grace* it is just too darn big. So, it will be America by Blackbird Designs and Merry Winter and Bright Summer by Homespun Elegance. Hopefully (fingers crossed) I can make some serious headway on them!

Smiles - Denise


Pumpkin said...

Okay, I'm really jealous! I want a finish :o(

They look wonderful though ;o) Why not re-stitch the seagulls in a light grey?

Denise said...

Hmmm, that should work. Hadn't really thought about it that way. I tried to outline them and didn't like that at all! I will try that! Let you know how it comes out.

Jane said...

Denise, both finishes are lovely and it would be such a shame to hide the Summerland Snapper away. I can see the seagulls okay in the photo but Pumpkin's suggestions is a good one and definitely worth a go!
Good Luck xxx