Friday, June 18, 2010

This Post is for the Birds...

For the birds and the deer and Bridget!

It was a beautiful day yesterday! Low humidity, only in the mid-70's (23C), and a slight breeze. Gorgeous! I was going to go stash shopping but, the hammock and porches won out! Outside all afternoon stitching instead ~ just couldn't waste the only day that was fit to be outside with shopping. I know, my mind is warped.

Last night the weather continued to be awesome and DH agreed to go to the local state park ~ Salt Fork. I remembered the camera for once and managed to get a few shots!

Sugartree Marina ~

The birds are pretty to look at and horrible to walk after! These things are in our yard so much in the spring. But, their mess is NASTY! Nasty dirty birds!

Close to the golf course ~

The deer are so tame at the park! They don't spook easily - we were within 5 feet of them before they would move.

And this is just a new shot of Bridget. She wanted her back scratched. We have had the A/C turned up this week and she has been cold. How can we tell ~ she wants on the furniture with us. And don't forget to cover her, thank-you very much!

Maybe by my next post I will have new stash to show you. Have a safe and wonderful weekend! Happy Father's Day to any men who happen to be reading and tomorrow ~~~ wish me Happy Birthday!

Smiles - Denise


Parsley said...

Oh what a fun post! Love the pics especially of the deer and your dog at the end.

While on the phone yesterday I saw a TEENY TINY BABY DEER cross my lawn. Must have been relatively newborn following the momma but I didn't see her.

Have a Happy Birthday! If you were closer I'd bake you a cake!

natalie said...

Happy birthday! Hope it's a good one! Please enjoy that wonderful weather while the rest of us melt and become one with our car seats and lawn chairs. :)

Lee said...

Happy Birthday Denise! You share a birthday with my daughter.

Geese! I used to think they were beautiful. I loved to hear them honking in the fall and to see them fly overhead. But years ago they started taking over our lake and beach areas and the golf courses and ewwwwww. Terribly dirty and gross.

Pumpkin said...

Love the pictures Denise :o) Yes, those geese are messy birds!

Bridget is one adorable puppy!