Tuesday, June 1, 2010

So much to talk about!

Okay, we'll start with a couple of pictures! This first one you have seen before. It is Grace at about page 7.

And here it is with page 7 almost completed and page 8 half way done.

I have found that I can stitch and lay in the hammock simultaneously! Whoo-hoo! I can now enjoy the great outdoors and stitch! Just don't make me swing - I get dizzy! I never have motion sickness - I can ride roller coasters and do small boats in heavy seas with out a problem, but stitch and swing - nope, not gonna happen!

This weekend was eventful! I had two family cookouts and 1 graduation! My MIL had us down for a family thingy on Sunday. The temperature was at least 88! Much too hot for me. All was well until Lucy, MIL, got sick. She was eating and then she was leaning on the table. She nearly passed out and was HOT to the touch. We got cold wet towels on her and transported her back to the house with A/C. She is doing well now, but she scared us.

That just makes it so real that our parents are getting older. We HAVE to watch them and care for them more than we ever have had to. It is weird to take care of a parent instead of our children. (Our kids are going to be 20 & 17 - - just guidance now)

The second outing was with my parents and sister's family. We were a little late and we were the ones with the silverware. Opps! Thankfully they live across the street from us. We were slightly occupied with DH's sister. Rana (his sister) and BIL stopped in to test drive a car we had for sale. It sounds like it is SOLD! Yippee!

Then to the my parents - nice quiet little outing until we started playing with the ice. My family is AWFUL when it comes to ice and water fights. Here we are complete adults acting like little kids. My nephew (3 yrs old) looks at us like we are nuts!

Monday was the graduation party. I HATE graduations! They are sad! Everyone else is so happy and I sit there thinking, "They aren't a kid anymore." Whitney is going to Kent State University - Tuscarawas Campus and wants to teach. Well Whitney, here's to a wonderful college career!

On another note --- DH is FINALLY back to work! After 7 1/2 months of unemployment -- WORK!!!! He so badly needed to work. Although he denied he was depressed, his attitude is much improved. He is about 30 minutes from home. No long commutes!

I'm off to stitch - Smiles - Denise


natalie said...

This is one of my favorite paintings. My grandma has had this over the kitchen table in her home for decades. I love it. :) Your endeavor to stitch it is admirable to say the least! Holy cow, that's a lot of solid stitching! It looks great. :) I guess I won't stalk you anymore...ha!

Pumpkin said...

WOW! This is quite a project! You made a good dent in it :o)

Glad to hear you had a wonderful weekend. Sorry to hear that your MIL got sick but good to know that she's okay.

Congrats that your DH is back to work! Horray!