Friday, June 18, 2010

My day out and about...

I'll save the stash pictures for tomorrow. Sorry, blogger just doesn't let me put more than 5 pics per post. I have no idea if I should compress them somehow or if I'm missing something somewhere but...

~~~~ Edited to add - Thank-you Parsley! You were right! I can add more pics after I post! Stash pics are at the end of post!! ~~~~

I love looking at your pictures and thought I would share some with you!

DS and I went to Berlin to CCC too! formerly The Stitching House. I got 4 patterns, some floss and fabric. Enough to start another 4 for vacation! I think I am up to 12 now. No finishes though.

We stopped at a farmer's market for lunch. Now don't go thinking we were all virtuous and eating veggies and such. No such thing! We had gotten Burger King at the drive-thru and I didn't want to eat and drive. It was a shady spot on the right side of the road.

This was our view for lunch ~

Here are some vignettes from the store ~

Ok, I will share what I did buy! Besides I am quiet pleased with myself and I have you ALL to blame! I have been an Aida girl from day one of my stitching life. Today I bought not one but, two pieces of linen. Enough for all 4 projects! I got Bright Summer, Merry Winter, Santa Arrives Tonight, and Snow Much Joy from Homespun Elegance.

Oh, and something I meant to ask ~ two somethings actually ~ 1) what is the difference between even weave and linen? and 2) what is the difference between canvas work and needlepoint?

Smiles - Denise


Parsley said...

Oh what fun!!! I wish you could just pop over for some tea and stash drooling! LOL

Hey about posting pics. I think you are limited to 5 at a time but can come back to upload more after those first 5 are uploaded.

Parsley said...

I don't think you even have to wait for it to post first. I think you can upload, click on the add/upload pic button and add more.

Anyway, had to stop by and drool over your stitchy stuff. Oh boy! What fun!!!

Not sure if my beginner knowledge in stitching will be too helpful so maybe your friends can help me out too with answers to your questions.

natalie said...

Evenweave and linen are basically the same thing, only the fiber content differs. Linen is made of flax, and evenweave is made of several different types of fibers, some natural and some synthetic. I am under the impression that canvas work and needlepoint are the same thing, canvas work being the older term. I'm proud of you for taking the linen plunge! You will be hooked!

Pumpkin said...

Oh yummy! Great looking stash and I love the pictures from inside the shop. Always love looking at these :o)

Good for you! Stitching on linen and evenweave will be fun and will give a much softer background.

I think Natalie pretty much explained everything and answered your questions :o)