Thursday, June 24, 2010

And then there was firewood...

Late yesterday afternoon we had a thunderstorm. Oh shocking news, considering it was about 1 million degrees out and the humidity was 1000%.

Sorry for the sarcasm - I just hate hot and humid!

So, the storms were not unexpected. DS and I saw it growing dark out and instead of "seeking shelter" like the newscasters always tell you to do -- we are on the porch watching the storm roll in.

I have never seen so much cloud activity. I saw a clouds rolling in a tube horizontally. That lasted maybe 1 minute or so. Then I saw 2 swirling circles of clouds directly over the house. These lasted 30 seconds or so. Now, did either of these events bother me enough to seek shelter? No.

Not until the rain was coming down so hard and the wind gusts were SLAMMING into the house did we laugh and hurry inside. Then when the severe winds slacked off - back out we went. Until ~~~ the lightning struck in the field a few hundred feet away. Back inside and take a few things downstairs.

Hhhhmmm, then it slacked off again and back out we went. Ok, just call us stupid and get it over with. We have no fear of storms. But, the storm was heading south and things were going to be fine.

I thought, "I see some tree limbs down. Ought to take pics for the blog." Yes, I truly thought about showing all of you first and foremost. So, out I went and what did I see...

A few limbs scattered about ~

And this ~

Our Willow tree did not make it through the storm. Dang it! We liked that tree! Why couldn't the half dead Willow tree go boom instead? So, DS had something to do - go clean up the limbs. And DH? He hears this when he picks up the phone on the way home - "Honey, did you get rained out? We got a storm. Umm, I have some work for you."

So, here's what he did after work ~

Anyone need some firewood?

Smile - Denise

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Pumpkin said...

OMG that is SCARY! We had a bad one when Mom and Dad were here and it hit somewhere close because a) that was THE loudest storm I've ever heard and b) overheard someone at the post office talking about it. Gotta love small towns ;o)