Saturday, June 12, 2010

All better now...

I'm on vacation yet again. No booing!

Things at work will be just fine. I hope. But, I refuse to let what may be happening there tint my vacation.

DH decided that he would like to see me do another 4th of July item. So, with that little bit of encouragement - I am shopping for floss today. Then, I found Maggee's blog and she started 15 (count them 15) projects while on vacation. Her logic was if you start them then you will finish them. Love the idea.

So, I am off to the cabinet to see what speaks to me. Why not? What will it hurt? I'm going to drive myself NUTS doing this!!

See you in a few days - Denise


carolyn said...

Good morning, Denise!

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I thought I would drop by yours before diving into a rainy day project here.

Love the "only rule to stitching is that you must put the floss through the needle" in your header! Words to create by!

As far as finding enough time to do everything your heart and head are tugging you to do, I think I am a lot like Maggee. I start a lot of things and then I always have something that calls to me on a particular day. Helps to refresh my desire to finish other projects too that I might have grown bored with!

Keep creating, I'll be watching!

Pumpkin said...

Oh dear! I don't think that logic would work here ;o) Good luck. LOL!