Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Busy with "Blessings Stitch Along"

I have been busy stitching on 100 squares. I look at other's work and wish I had the drawing/imagination to do what they are doing. Alicia is doing a fabulous job. I just looked at her blog and have to drool.

My designs are graphic and don't literally represent the blessings I have been given. I like what I am doing, but... Maybe I like theirs better.

Okay, I will just admit -- I am jealous. I have no drawing ability at all. Maybe there are art classes I can take. Hmmm -- something to look into.

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Anonymous said...

Awww...If you are talking about my blog that
You know...I still look at other peoples blogs and their stitching and I drool! It's funny how we all see other people's art as so different than our own, or that we want to imitate what they've done. I have to remind myself to love my art.
I cannot draw. My husband can draw...I have had to watch in his shadows and MAYBE get 1 of every 100 things I draw to look like what it is supposed to be.
Denise, your stitchy squares will be absolutely beautiful! Because they will be ALL YOU! I was a kindergarten teacher for years and when the kids would ask me if I liked their artwork, I'd just ask if they liked it. I'd always tell them, If you love it, then that's what counts!
Love your art! It's a part of you!
alicia in Hawaii