Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Weekend so far...

No stitching yet. That hopefully will be rectified today. But, I have been busy. I went to the quilt show on Friday. It was a benefit for our little library. There were at least 200 quilts hanging and probably 50 for the bed turning. Also 2 quilt shops were represented. The Lutheran Church was kind enough to allow them to use their building. Belinda, a friend in charge, told me that it was a success! I went back down yesterday to help her with the dismantling of the show. It took about an hour and there were many others helping. How does that saying go - Many hands make short work something something.

And then last night I went to see the high school production of "Grease." The director has been asked constantly to do this show, but she felt the way it had been written that many would find it offensive. Finally, someone re-wrote it for high schoolers. My son was the sound chief. Insert proud mamma moment here. I clapped, laughed, and even had a few tears. Was it John Travolta and Oliva Newton John? No. Was it a great way to spend a Saturday night? Yes!! A resounding YES!

I am thinking I should possibly put up another slide show of some of my other stitchy completions. Because those 3 lonely little things I have done this year just are pathetic! I also think I might do some photos of some of my other WIP's. That will at least keep this blog with a stitchy theme.

Oh, I have to give some big shout outs here!!! I have 2 people following this blog. Parsley is following me here and Corinna is reading this on Google reader!! Can you see me waving at you??? Hi!!

Parsley, I will be emailing you for your address so I can send you a post card. Please don't send me to spam. (smile)

Anyway, I think it is time for breakfast and well, I am hungry. Have a wonderful day out there in bloggerville.

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Parsley said...

Yes, I see you waving! Hi there! ;-) I am so paranoid about spam, thus my email title LOL. You are safe with me. In fact I don't send fwd emails or copy everyone in lists because of how email lists get sold, etc. away and I'll check on it after church.

Hey..if you don't follow me yet, know you are welcome OR just drop by when you want. You're always welcome.