Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Today is the first day in well, FOREVER, that I am alone in the house. DS is at school, track practice, and play practice today. He'll be lucky to be home by 9 pm tonight. I am not thrilled by the time, but the play - Grease - is this weekend. So, very soon it will be over. BUT, DH is at a safety training thingy today - tomorrow - and Friday! Yippee! He should be home around 6:30. He has some running around to do for his mother one night too. So, all of that peace and quiet. What should I do?

1) There is some housework that should be done. But, it can wait.
2) I still have to make dinner - fried chicken and homemade biscuits tonight.
3) Stitch
4) Start arranging things to take to Blueberry Hill's Stitching Saturday next week.
5) Decide if I am entering my great-grandmother's quilts in the library's quilt show this weekend. If I do -- then there are more things to do with that in mind.
6) Take a nap.

That nap thing sounds really good.

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Anonymous said...

just found your blog after my visit to spinster
welcome and wow on your "grace"
i would just look & shake my head no

have you read about spinster and the sleep study
that is my all time favorite the hair fire a close second

i have you on google reader now :0)