Sunday, April 25, 2010

On with the pictures...

Okay, I promised that I would post pictures of my WIP's. While tearing apart my stitching room for them I discovered that I really have very few UFO's!!! Maybe 5 total! And those should be tossed into the "dead bin." I would say trash, but I would rather hold onto them forever than toss 'em.

Colorful Sky II - Mystic Stitch.
It will be 25" x 16.5" when complete. I was rotating it with Birch Forest until I discovered Grace. So, as soon as Grace is done - back to the yummy colors!

Another Mystic Stitch - Birch Forest-French Alps
When complete it will be ---- get ready --- 45"x 14.25" Yeah, I am certifiably insane.

This is Fractal 38 - Cross Stitch Collectibles
Finished it will be 25" x 22" There's a goof in it somewhere. I am off by 1 measly little stitch and I have not found it yet. So, until I do -- it sits!

Now for the GRAND DADDY of them all. A picture of the Portland, Me Headlight Lighthouse. I had it digitized in 2000 by Calico Stitchery (in Canada). As far as I know they are no longer in business. If they are - sorry haven't been able to find you on the 'net. Finished size 32" x 32". I have been having problems working on it. It is --- wait for it --- too big! I love it and want it finished, but...

I do have smaller projects and I will rotate them in from time to time. But for now, I'm doing the big guys. Opps! that sounded wrong.

On another note, no news is good news - right? I knew it. My daughter called today to say she was in a fender bender last night. She and the others are fine, but the car needs work. She is 19 and life is all a lesson. I pray nightly that she is well. It is hard to have a baby gone and on her own.

Until later - winks and smiles to all.

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