Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nope, just didn't happen

So much for that stupid list. Housework, who was I kidding. Okay, today the laundry is getting done, but when DH is down to his last pair of clean jeans - you just gotta do what you gotta do. I wonder though could I hire someone to do the housework...

Oh the list, sorry fantizing about a cleaning lady or the cute pool boys that do housework. Shoot, no pool. Anyway, dinner - why do I EVEN try to make homemade biscuits. These things are sad little hockey pucks that are DRY! Not even 1/4 cup of butter softens them up. And the taste - blah! The chicken wasn't bad but the colonel just does it way better.

And well, the nap never happened, I am procrastinating about the quilt show and know it just isn't going to happen. I would have to go pull the quilts out of the trunk, freshen them, take pictures, sign cards, and you know what? I will just go to the damn quilt show and pay my $5 and call it good. Lazy! And add more lazy to that...I haven't even given thought to what to take next Saturday.

I didn't stitch yesterday AT ALL! Instead I read and LMAO at Spinster Stitcher. I found her blog and she inpsired me to try this. So, like the near stalker that I can be - I am going back to her early blog posts and am reading.

That's it for now. I am making head way on Grace - I finshed page 6 today and page 7 should move right along.


Anonymous said...

no stitching here either
but i can ususally find nap hour+
usually my eyelids get heavy just on the short drive home from work-
naps can be extremely habit forming

i know of no blogland rules
it is what you want it to be...:0)

Parsley said...

Thanks for your nice comment. Made my day.

Loved your blog. I'm always happy to meet another stitching buddy. I'm new and slow and currently have withdrawls...too much doggie care on my plate. have a new follower. I look forward to more blogging adventures with you.

God bless.