Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Learning Curve

Well, I've decided I want to learn what blogging is all about. So, instead of reading/lurking for several months as would be my norm...I am just going to jump in with both feet and see how warm the water is.

What I will tell you is - yes, I am 41 married with a daughter, Courtney 19, and a son, Logan 16. My husband/best friend is Rob. We live in a small community of maybe 2500 on a good day. I work part-time for a shipping company in a near by town. My main passion is for counted cross stitch. I tend to lean towards landscapes and LARGE patterns. My fav designer now for the last few years has been Mystic Stitch.

As I learn what this is all about I plan to show you my stitching room, WIP's, and those UFO's that just won't finish themselves. Maybe I will share a few of my newest Italian recipes. Who knows?!

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