Monday, April 5, 2010

Day 1 of Vacation!

Well, decided to make Wedding Soup today. So far, it smells yummy! Of course I have only gotten the vegggies cut and ready, but I do love the smell of garlic. If it comes out as tasty as I hope - I will share the recipe. But otherwise...well so much for good thoughts.

I need to do some research about flickr. I want to add a slide show for my 2010 finishes. I'll probably have to join another web site. If someone complied all my information that is "out there" my ID would be history.

Plans for this vacation I'm having - 1) Stitch, 2) make baked rotini, wedding soup, a lentil soup, and salisbury steaks, 3)have the Mary Kay party this Saturday, 4) Run DS around for his tests at college next year, 5) print pictures from my memory card.

My sister told me a few weeks ago that I am the only person that prints pictures from their memory cards any more. Am I a dying breed that still likes photo albums?

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