Friday, November 4, 2016

A Finish!

Last night I put the final stitch in my 'recovery' piece.

July 4th by Breanna Stewart

Sorry the picture is bad. Either I had to use the flash or put another sideways picture on the blog. I wish I had checked the mounting area on the glass. I would have cut the paper just a bit bigger. Oh well.

I need to go through my patterns and find another that I can do on perforated paper... I just am not able to manage cloth yet.

Therapy is going. I can see some progress. But, it is so slow. My patience for this is wearing thin. I just want normal back.

Yesterday afternoon turned out to be a beautiful day. I took a few pictures to capture the moment.

How many times do you find a heart in nature? 
Guess someone was sending me some love. It was funny though. When I got up from the hammock and looked for the was just branches. But, if you moved just the right way... the heart appeared again.

Hope you find your 'heart' today.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

I'm Back!

Well, sort of...

July 4th Designed by Breanna Stewart
(Oldest daughter of Paulette Stewart of Plum Street Samplers)
I'm using perforated paper for this one. I can hold onto it better. This is 3 days worth of trying to stitch. 

Then there is this...

Can you tell it's a toboggan? Pinterest shows using a thinner yarn and now I know why. This yarn may be better for the yarn garland. It is so soft. I have no idea what it is..suppose the label would tell duh. Today though, I'm just running on fumes. 

This healing stuff is exhausting. Started therapy this week. Going up to 3x a week. My therapist has been terrific. I've been to some that seemed to think their job was to hurt me. Terri has said more than once, "Being uncomfortable is good, pain is not." She expects you to try your darnest, but understands how quickly you tire. And she gives a wonderful massage. 

But, being that it is Sweetest Day, I'm really trying to help Rob with the housework today. On load 2 of laundry and I washed a whole 9 glasses and some silverware. Isn't much, but it's way more than normal. Plus, I washed my hair today too. I know, I know, big deal. But, it really is a big deal to me. 

Well, the Clemson game is over and OSU doesn't start until 8p. Think I'll try to stitch on the porch. 
Here's to everyone having a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Doing My Part!

Well, I'm trying anyway. Gotta love your online stitching supply stores when you are grounded.

Hands On Design - Grab Life, Oh Whale, Anchor Down and Stars in the Sky
Lt - CCN Garden of Snow and Snow Days, Middle - Beneath the Harvest Moon by Whispered by the Wind,  and Rt - This is My Happy Place by The Scarlett House 

Sandy Toes and Salty Kisses by Hinzeit and Old School Santa 2016 by LK
As of today, I am no longer as grounded as I had been. I got my bra on all by myself! Yeap, definitely TMI, but I'm so excited.

Driving makes me nervous because one handed doesn't feel like I'm in control. an illusion.

But, I'm able to fold blankets now too. Dishes are still out. If the laundry is where it needs to be...the machines can do it...folding is still a pain. I can sweep, but a broom and mop are out. Cooking all depends.

Have to say though, men are oblivious.  The tub, toilet, sink, floors, and changing sheets....need desperate attention.  Hints don't work. My daughter even told me she can tell I live with males. Now, I should qualify men are oblivious.

Today is gorgeous.  Think I may get some porch time today. Natalie, the porch is still open...grab your stitching and come visit!

Oh, I'm going to have to make plans to visit Indiana.  Paula will be in state soon, and there are some other Indiana stitchers I'd love to meet. And Mary Jane could meet me at a half way point. So, I'm thinking maybe next summer. hahaha. Wishful thinking.

Well, lunch time and then the hammock calls!
Happy Stitching all!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Quick Update

Well, my brace isn't quiet as ugly as that picture I showed you. Going to have to wear it 8 weeks. Until then, I'm to work on movement not strength.  Strength PT comes after the brace is removed. Had somewhere around 30 staples on the incision.  And that wasn't 4" the incision is closer to 6".

Not sure how long it will be until I can stitch. Guessing at least a few more weeks. But, this not having to cook, folding laundry, cleaning, and dishes is working for me. Not sure hubby would agree. teehee....

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Oopsy...leads to Ouchy

Let's start this post off with good news...I finished both quilts before the first OSU game.  Let me tell you...that is one warm quilt. I won't show the smaller quilt as DD has been known to lurk on this here blog.

As I've told Mary Jane, no good deed goes unpunished.  And also, we all know I tend to be an overachiever.  On the 2nd, I journeyed to the store to gather provisions for Logan's birthday dinner. Wish we had decided to eat out. I saw someone crash their scooter and I stopped to help. I stepped back on an uneven sidewalk catching my foot. My bad knee had been acting up all day and I tried to protect it as I fell. DON'T DO THIS. TUCK AND ROLL. I landed on my right hand. There is no memory as to how I ended back up on my feet. But, I knew I had broken my arm. A call to 911, an ambulance ride, xrays, manipulation, lots of pain meds, long holiday weekend, ortho appt, and bad news. Not only had I dislocated my elbow, I had shattered the radial head. In doing so, I guaranteed surgery and a new titanium implant.

Here's an ugly xray. Lots o'pain when it was taken.

Surgery is next week, two weeks more in a splint, stitches out, and then this ugly a** brace for at least 6 weeks. I hope to be able to help with Thanksgiving dinner. lol

So, you all stitch your little hearts out and make me proud. I'll be sitting in my chair playing Township. Stupid addictive game....

Saturday, August 20, 2016

And So, It Begins...

Does stitching a blanket stitch count as 'stitching'? My mojo has gone on vacation. Wish I knew where it went. I may have liked to join it. I think an email helped it take this vacation. See, I subscribe to this quilting store's emails. Not sure why. I haven't made quilts for years. Like several years. And then an email shows up in my inbox and all hope is lost. And this was the quilt pattern shown on said email.

Red, gray, and black....O's all over.....O-H-I-O! A raggedy Ohio State quilt and just in time for football season. Finshed size 48"x 56". Not very big. But, too big for a baby quilt. Oh, a baby quilt. Hmmm...

Never too early to introduce this baby to OSU. Right? So, what if I scale down the block size and make another quilt to be 36"x 48". Ok, then I can buy more fabric and use the extra in mine to make it bigger. Sounds about right. Except, as I tend to do, I over bought fabric. I even made a second trip to the quilt store to get more fabric today.

The bottom row of fabric came pre-cut for the quilt. Nice colors. Look great together. So, I need more for the baby's quilt. Can you explain why I purchased 13 pieces of fabric for a quilt that only needs 80 - 6" blocks?

Lots to be left over for my quilt. Teehee. Hubby didn't even flinch. So, now I need to pull out the cutting mat, rotary cutter, the plastic templates. Um, not sure where those are. Thinking I may take this all up the my loft (genealogy area) and then I can spread out.

Wish me luck. First game Sept 3rd. Two weeks. I better go get busy!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Two More Complete!

Hot off my needles...
32 ct. Toasted Almond - Hands On Design -
On Beach Time
I swear blogger drives me crazy sometimes. This picture was not taken this way. grrr

Anyway, as you can tell I changed it a bit from the pattern. I was running out of the color for the chair - so, I improvised. 

And this I finished this one last week - 

32 ct Toasted Almond - Hands On Design -
Little Cottage by the Sea
This one is pretty true to the pattern. The sign took much longer than I guessed it would -- all solid stitching. 

Remember I mentioned running into Natalie a month or so ago. In talking to her (ok, emailing) I mentioned I collected my orts. She wanted to know why we do this. I told her I saved mine so I can see my old projects in the floss. Also, some stitchers save the floss for the birds. Why do you save your orts? 

This is my ort bottle. Sixteen years worth of threads rolled into little balls. Does anyone else roll their orts up like this? 

On another front - both of my kids now have their 'big kid' jobs. Courtney just got hired for a community hospital as a Rad Tech and Logan is working for a climate firm recruiting voters. Thank goodness. In this job market I was beginning to worry. 

Wish me luck this weekend - heading to another auction for more Fostoria. I just need a few glasses and I would like a large straight sided vase. 

Off to gather my floss for the Nora Corbett sleigh. Hmm, I hope I have them all.