Thursday, April 21, 2016

What We Have Lost...

Unbelievable to lose such great talent so young....

Prince Rogers Nelson
1958 -2016

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Why I've Been Gone!

If we just start with oops - then maybe everything else will explain itself.

See, a few weeks ago I thought it would be heavenly to get away to a B&B with the hubby. I found a neat place in south eastern Ohio and thought -- "Ok, we could try this." And filed it away. Then imagine my surprise when DH comes home to tell me he'll be working in that area (a mere 15 minutes away from the B&B).

I started the ball rolling and showed him pictures of the rooms available. DH, in his typical way, chose the largest room. (Ok, he makes the money and I spend it. What can I say when he spends more than I would have?) I made the reservations and we were set.

Our Room - The Southern Cross

The views from my two balconies.

Now, mind you, he's to work in this area for 2 weeks. Remember that - 2 weeks.

I arrive at the B&B on Tuesday afternoon. I'd taken all snacks and even one evening meal so I never have to leave. DH shows up on his 2nd day at this job site telling me he is finished already and is leaving the next morning for Louisiana. Imagine my surprise and disappointment.

In the morning he needs to get up bright and early (3a) to leave for his office. A normal 20 minute drive has become 45 because he isn't at home. The boss tells him he needs to go to Pittsburgh, PA before leaving for Louisiana. (Not a direct route if you ask me.) By the end of the day - he has been in Coshocton, OH and to Pittsburgh, PA and back to Coshocton. And then he heads down to spend the evening with me in Salesville, OH. The next morning he again gets up early and treks to Coshocton to leave for Louisiana. He get 5 hours south before being called back to Coshocton as the job has been delayed. So, he meets me at our home that night.

This takes us to Friday --- now he's leaving for Terre Haute, IN. Then to Chillicothe, OH and repeat. One trip a day for two days. Oh, goody, he's working on the weekend now. Except - not. No, they get loaded from Terre Haute and get stopped at the Ohio border with over weight loads and have to spend the night there. At 6a the next morning the company has sent a crane and another semi trailer to move the loads around. He finally makes it home around 4p Saturday afternoon and the 2nd trip to Terre Haute is cancelled.

To say the least, he was then ready for the B&B.

While I was taking my breather days - I managed to stitch for hours uninterrupted. Just me, the floss, the fabric, and the tv tuned to Dateline on OWN. I did have amazing breakfasts! Amazing tasting and amazing amounts!! The first morning I had bacon, eggs, sausage links, french toast, and juice. I just couldn't eat the french toast or sausage. On Thursday morning, I was made a bacon/sausage/cheese omelet, toast, more sausage links and two juices. Needless to say, my dog was happy with her leftovers when I got home.

Now, I didn't get this all done in two days. I took this picture a few days ago. But, it is moving along nicely. See that little black block to the right of the 'grass'? From that point across the whole piece and below is completely black solid stitching. Can we say fly?

Here's a picture of the main living room of the B&B ~

Since I've been home the family has had our Easter dinner, We took both kids, the son-in-law, and Mom to dinner at Outback. Yummy! And I didn't have to cook, clean, or do the dishes. Best meal ever when being served to you and you don't have the work. lol

So, on Easter Sunday, DD and I are shopping for her interview clothes. It's almost time for her to graduate from Radiology school and go be a big girl. She is more than ready. She just needs to finish these next 5 weeks and all is well.

If you've made it this far - congratulations! I'm done. Sorry for yapping about my hubby's terrible week, but it is almost humorous how this crane company works. There have been days when I have received 5 phone calls with him telling me his plans have changed. I mean really.

Well, to all of you still here - happy wishes to you.
Until we meet again ~ Denise

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Three Down and Nine to Go!

As of Feb 29 - I have completed three pages. This is some type of record for me. Just 23 days of stitching...14,823 stitches!


I purchased some Piecemakers needles. Vonna had mentioned how wonderful they are. And she isn't lying. They sing in the fabric. Perfectly balanced and smooth. 

Nothing new to report - a bridge near us will be imploded April 15th. I went and took pictures of it the other day. 

It is (I believe) the last of its type in the county. There have been 3 others taken down near my home that were the same kind. Guess it is the end of an era. This one was built in 1948. A new picture for my history wall. The price of progress? 

Last Sunday we finally caught up watching all the Downton Abbey we've missed these years. Took us a month to watch all 6 seasons. So, Sunday I will watch my first and last 'live' Downton. It's amazing how invested you can become in a tv show. I have the ending I would like to see in mind, but I hope they do even better than I hope! 

Tonight has turned into a stitching night. At least 6 hours with little to no interruptions! Woohoo. No dinner to make - no tv I have to watch. Although, I did pick up the last Terminator movie today. Think I may save that for tomorrow. 

I hear my needle calling my name! 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Finally, A Place to Put Them!

Last fall I found a cabinet for my Willow Tree figurines. DH wasn't able to see the cabinet for another 2 days. By that time - it was sold. But, I left my name and number with the sales clerk and the owner called me a few weeks ago. This was delivered Sunday. 

It makes me smile every time I see it. Finally, I can see these as they should be - displayed properly! If you would like to have Joeleen restore a piece for you - goto She has stores in Coshocton, Ohio and North Carolina!

On the stitching front - it's all Mary Jane's fault!! She emailed me and made the comment that she would be hard pressed to wait until Colorful Sky was completed before starting Naturistic. She loved the blues and purples as much as I did. Well, I hadn't given it any thought to start the new project. I just thought I would rush through Colorful Sky and be thrilled to start Naturistic.

Then I got to thinking. And twitching. And then stitching. I'm blaming Mary Jane and that's my story - I'm sticking to it! (As if anyone would have to hogtie me and say I had to start this. lol)

Ten days and I've done a page and a half. Normally, it would take about a month per page. This is a wonderful stitch. The colors are clumpy. You get to change colors so not to be bored, but there are enough stitches together to really fly.

I'm stitching so much that my arthritis is flaring some. But, I don't care. Insomnia be damned - I'm stitching at night before bed. If my poor husband wants to see me - head to the stitching room.

We got snow last night! The weathermen had called for 8-12". We got an extremely wet 4-5" This is snowball fighting and snowman making snow! The dog (and my mother) hate it. lololol Finally, now we can head into spring and I'm good. It's wonderful that that is my attitude as the temperatures are to be in the 50's this weekend. :)

Well, schools are closed and that means I didn't have to go to the genealogy library today. Snow day! I'm heading for the shower and the stitchy chair! Woohoo


Saturday, February 6, 2016

I Had Forgotten How Much I Liked to Stitch!

Yes, I am back to stitching again. And it feels wonderful. My mojo has me in there for hours at a time and I've gone so far as to get my next projects floss.

I'm working on Mystic Stitch's Colorful Sky ~

This will be 25"x 16.5" when complete. And I can't wait. As you can see there are patches of black. Well, that's because the last piece I worked on had confetti stitching everywhere. I needed something solid to easy me back into stitching. And wow - I'm in love again.

I went floss shopping last night. These colors make me want to weep. All my favorites. I've wanted this pattern for a few years and DH got it for me at Christmas.

This is Naturistic by Mystic Stitch - (Sorry, blogger turned the pic)

It will be finished out at 17.75" x 14". My stitching room has the same purple on the walls. It will look smashing in there! Woohoo!

The piece I put away - I am so happy to have made that decision. I feel free. Absolutely free. sigh.

Tonight I am having dinner for the kids. Based loosely on Red Lobster's Bar Harbor Bake.

DH is going soon to purchase the lobster, mussels, shrimp, scallops, and pasta. Courtney is helping me as trying to cook all the seafood at once can get hairy.  Even going to broil the lobster instead of boiling it. Not sure what I am having though --- shrimp yes. The rest...not so much.

Today is another sunny day here in Ohio. The weathermen can't decide if we are to have snow this coming week or not. Every one of them has a different outlook and from what I can understand the weather models aren't even matching. I so want at least one GOOD snow this winter. I hate no snow winters. This is Ohio for goodness sake - the land of - 'if you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes.'

Off to time -

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Pitter Patter...

That's my little heart going pitter patter. Thank you for your care, concern, and wisdom! Hearing your voices as you left your comments on my last post makes me glad to be part of this little community we call bloggerville.

I hear you - stitching is a hobby to be enjoyed. It is not a sin to put a project down or abandon it. Life is too short. If I insist on continuing this stitch - take 15 minutes a day or even one strand of floss as a time. It will get done. Thank you for reminding me to get out of my own head and enjoy myself.

As for the other part of my last post. The situation is the same. However, my reaction to this has changed some. I don't entirely believe in coincidences. But, when they happen - I take it as the universe telling me to pay attention.

The other day I stumbled upon an article written by Lacey Johnson titled "The Two Types of People to Eliminate from Your Life Forever." Go here to read the entire article. She calls them the 'dream killers' and the 'crazy makers'.  The dream killers are the people who throw a wet blanket on your party -- All. The. Time. And the crazy makers - well, they are 'so high up in the tornado of their chaos, their feet never touch the ground.' The most striking two sentences in the whole article for me were - Every day spent tolerating bad behavior is a day you betray yourself.  And - It is not your responsibility to remedy anyone else's overdose of anything. Seriously, take a minute to go read the article. It will give you something to think about.

Still living with insomnia. Lovely thing...if only I could clean the house now while everyone is asleep. I make too much noise. Something about the vacuum running at 2 am annoys them. Go figure. I should stitch, but sitting under my Ott light only wakes me up more. sigh...

Life is good except for the hiccup mentioned above. DH is working through the winter and as a crane operator that isn't always guaranteed. DD is in her last semester of school. In May she will be an R-RT. (I think that's what she said) A certified Radiology Tech. And DS - he graduated with his bachelor's degree just before Christmas. Now for grad schools. Michigan University and John Hopkins here is the US and London School of Economics in England. There is another school he is most interested in, but momma is sticking her head in the sand with that one and praying for a school in the US to come through with a fellowship or something to keep him here.

On Tuesday, the most unexpected thing happened to me. A lady I work with at the genealogy library gave me 48 books for my library. Volumes on Amish genealogy, atlases, cemetery-marriage-indexes-birth records - all books on genealogy. How in the world are the two little words 'thank-you' ever going to convey my deepest gratitude? Somehow - I will find a way for her to know how much she means to me.

Life is good here in Ohio - and I am hoping beyond hope - that the weathermen are wrong. This winter storm needs to come up into Ohio and dump 12-18" of snow here - NYC, DC, PA, VA, WV - they don't want it. I'll take it here - the last big snow we had was about 7-8" in 2009. (I think that was the year) We're due. Boston can't have it all!! :)

Time to go get some hot chocolate and maybe head back to bed.
Sleep tight everyone. And once again - thank you for being here for me to vent. I truly appreciate your time and patience with me.


Sunday, January 17, 2016

It never ceases to amaze me...

How the human mind works.

But, I'll get to that in a  minute. Hello all! Happy new year. Just a couple weeks late. Should I go so far as wishing all of you happy holidays as I've not blogged in a month? Ok, better late than never... Happy Holidays!

This is a stitching blog...but, I've not stitched in a very long time. I just am not pleased with the colors on this stitch and have lost all motivation with it. I know if I stop on it that I'll never pick it up again. And I hate UFOs.

Ok, the human mind. Why are there people who only feel better when they've managed to upset you to the level of their own unhappiness? I've never understood that or those who feel they must put you down to feel better about themselves. It just baffles me.

When I'm upset - I tend to realize it is my problem and I must figure out what my problem is. I have learnt that the way people treat you is more about who they are vs who I am. And if I learn someone is upset with me - I leave them alone. Nothing I say or do will change their minds. They generally attempt to upset me (see paragraph above). It's a vicious circle.

Apparently I'm a bad person for not engaging. Ah, family. God's practical joke.