Saturday, February 6, 2016

I Had Forgotten How Much I Liked to Stitch!

Yes, I am back to stitching again. And it feels wonderful. My mojo has me in there for hours at a time and I've gone so far as to get my next projects floss.

I'm working on Mystic Stitch's Colorful Sky ~

This will be 25"x 16.5" when complete. And I can't wait. As you can see there are patches of black. Well, that's because the last piece I worked on had confetti stitching everywhere. I needed something solid to easy me back into stitching. And wow - I'm in love again.

I went floss shopping last night. These colors make me want to weep. All my favorites. I've wanted this pattern for a few years and DH got it for me at Christmas.

This is Naturistic by Mystic Stitch - (Sorry, blogger turned the pic)

It will be finished out at 17.75" x 14". My stitching room has the same purple on the walls. It will look smashing in there! Woohoo!

The piece I put away - I am so happy to have made that decision. I feel free. Absolutely free. sigh.

Tonight I am having dinner for the kids. Based loosely on Red Lobster's Bar Harbor Bake.

DH is going soon to purchase the lobster, mussels, shrimp, scallops, and pasta. Courtney is helping me as trying to cook all the seafood at once can get hairy.  Even going to broil the lobster instead of boiling it. Not sure what I am having though --- shrimp yes. The rest...not so much.

Today is another sunny day here in Ohio. The weathermen can't decide if we are to have snow this coming week or not. Every one of them has a different outlook and from what I can understand the weather models aren't even matching. I so want at least one GOOD snow this winter. I hate no snow winters. This is Ohio for goodness sake - the land of - 'if you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes.'

Off to time -

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Pitter Patter...

That's my little heart going pitter patter. Thank you for your care, concern, and wisdom! Hearing your voices as you left your comments on my last post makes me glad to be part of this little community we call bloggerville.

I hear you - stitching is a hobby to be enjoyed. It is not a sin to put a project down or abandon it. Life is too short. If I insist on continuing this stitch - take 15 minutes a day or even one strand of floss as a time. It will get done. Thank you for reminding me to get out of my own head and enjoy myself.

As for the other part of my last post. The situation is the same. However, my reaction to this has changed some. I don't entirely believe in coincidences. But, when they happen - I take it as the universe telling me to pay attention.

The other day I stumbled upon an article written by Lacey Johnson titled "The Two Types of People to Eliminate from Your Life Forever." Go here to read the entire article. She calls them the 'dream killers' and the 'crazy makers'.  The dream killers are the people who throw a wet blanket on your party -- All. The. Time. And the crazy makers - well, they are 'so high up in the tornado of their chaos, their feet never touch the ground.' The most striking two sentences in the whole article for me were - Every day spent tolerating bad behavior is a day you betray yourself.  And - It is not your responsibility to remedy anyone else's overdose of anything. Seriously, take a minute to go read the article. It will give you something to think about.

Still living with insomnia. Lovely thing...if only I could clean the house now while everyone is asleep. I make too much noise. Something about the vacuum running at 2 am annoys them. Go figure. I should stitch, but sitting under my Ott light only wakes me up more. sigh...

Life is good except for the hiccup mentioned above. DH is working through the winter and as a crane operator that isn't always guaranteed. DD is in her last semester of school. In May she will be an R-RT. (I think that's what she said) A certified Radiology Tech. And DS - he graduated with his bachelor's degree just before Christmas. Now for grad schools. Michigan University and John Hopkins here is the US and London School of Economics in England. There is another school he is most interested in, but momma is sticking her head in the sand with that one and praying for a school in the US to come through with a fellowship or something to keep him here.

On Tuesday, the most unexpected thing happened to me. A lady I work with at the genealogy library gave me 48 books for my library. Volumes on Amish genealogy, atlases, cemetery-marriage-indexes-birth records - all books on genealogy. How in the world are the two little words 'thank-you' ever going to convey my deepest gratitude? Somehow - I will find a way for her to know how much she means to me.

Life is good here in Ohio - and I am hoping beyond hope - that the weathermen are wrong. This winter storm needs to come up into Ohio and dump 12-18" of snow here - NYC, DC, PA, VA, WV - they don't want it. I'll take it here - the last big snow we had was about 7-8" in 2009. (I think that was the year) We're due. Boston can't have it all!! :)

Time to go get some hot chocolate and maybe head back to bed.
Sleep tight everyone. And once again - thank you for being here for me to vent. I truly appreciate your time and patience with me.


Sunday, January 17, 2016

It never ceases to amaze me...

How the human mind works.

But, I'll get to that in a  minute. Hello all! Happy new year. Just a couple weeks late. Should I go so far as wishing all of you happy holidays as I've not blogged in a month? Ok, better late than never... Happy Holidays!

This is a stitching blog...but, I've not stitched in a very long time. I just am not pleased with the colors on this stitch and have lost all motivation with it. I know if I stop on it that I'll never pick it up again. And I hate UFOs.

Ok, the human mind. Why are there people who only feel better when they've managed to upset you to the level of their own unhappiness? I've never understood that or those who feel they must put you down to feel better about themselves. It just baffles me.

When I'm upset - I tend to realize it is my problem and I must figure out what my problem is. I have learnt that the way people treat you is more about who they are vs who I am. And if I learn someone is upset with me - I leave them alone. Nothing I say or do will change their minds. They generally attempt to upset me (see paragraph above). It's a vicious circle.

Apparently I'm a bad person for not engaging. Ah, family. God's practical joke.


Monday, December 14, 2015

Last Weekend!

Came to post and saw Vonna has 'Day 14' up. Had to pause and read her post. Have you read Vonna? Go here. She is an amazing beautiful woman. Her stitching is beyond my capabilities regardless what those judges say at the fair. And she posts for the 25 Days of Christmas. She shows her baking, stitching, gadgets and gizmos. Wonderful.

Then Coni had posted today too. Have you read the Spinster? Go here. Coni inspired me to blog. Hers was the first blog I ever read. I laughed out loud. Loudly and often. And still do. She's the only person I have ever heard about catching her hair on fire while stitching. Twice. To say her stitching is awesome and that she is amazing too - yep, these two women are who I want to be more like when I grow up.

It is a good day when one of these two post, but to have them both post on the same day. Wonderful! Take the time and go see them. You will not regret the hours you spend on their blogs. Always a good time.

Speaking of a good time. I had family over Saturday evening. What a group. These normally calm, intelligent, caring women become animals when you put cards in their hands. Name calling, yelling, a few cussing, muttering. All in the name of trying to get rid of a pile of 13 cards. Heart palpitations (Courtney), dizziness (Tammy - although, she does have a mild concussion - car wreck a week ago), blood pressures rising (all of us), arthritis complaints (Mom), back pain (me), and pregnancy (Keri). Well, that last one has nothing to do with cards. Yep, my sister is pregnant again. Due in early August. She sprang that one on us at Thanksgiving.

back row - Megan, Courtney, Keri, Tammy, and me
front row - Brittany, Carol-Sue, Mom with Alivia, and Whitney

Down to 11 days and I'm already for Santa. Need to wrap just a couple of presents and then let the jolly man in red come a-calling. Well, the baking is this week. Then he can come round. lol

Time to make dinner. Mulligan stew tonight. Need to get that roast in the pressure cooker. Hmm, just realized I never thawed it. Can you put frozen meat into a pressure cooker? Maybe I should go with something else. Shoot, the chicken is in the freezer too. Better get to the kitchen and figure this out. 


Saturday, December 12, 2015

The 12 Days of Christmas

Nancy over at Victorian Motto Sampler has been showing us her 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways. Stop on over and check her blog.


Sunday, December 6, 2015

Still Stitching...

Today has been a quiet day. DH and DS went out for the afternoon and left me to my own thing. So, I started my wrapping. The tree has been up for about a week. If it hadn't been for so many saving toilet paper rolls - my tree wouldn't up yet. You'll see ---

Yep, those are wrapped toilet paper rolls. The garland only took about 4 hours to string. It's surprising how well we all like the tree. We also tried something new for the shelf above the front door. 

That's the sleigh I got a month ago. I made a Santa bag yesterday and it's filled with empty boxes. It's much prettier in person than this picture. 

I had a squirrel pose for me the other day. I looked out the kitchen window and he was looking back at me. Then he got shy and hid behind a branch. 

I mentioned a was still stitching - here's where I am now. More pink!

And this is the last pic...several weeks ago.

With less than 3 weeks to go - my calendar is starting to fill. DD is coming over for 2 days to help bake cookies. Day one is the making of the dough and day two is baking. Thank goodness she volunteered to help. There are about 8 or 9 types of cookies this year and most of them are more than a single batch. 

It's time for bed isn't it? Please let it be soon!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Look Closely for Progress!

Well, I took pictures of my progress - you just can't see it!

Week of Oct 28th

Week of  Nov 4th
Over on the right side there is some new pale pink on the top picture and just a few more stitches on the bottom picture.

So little stitching time. There are reasons, but I'm afraid they would sound more like excuses. My biggest issue - my daylight lamp is giving me insomnia if I stitch after DH goes to bed. I can be tired and then to go stitch - I'm up until after 2a, Not a good way to go. 

I left you hanging last time as to what I was going to do about the health dept. in my county not allowing scans. Well, the issue has been resolved in my favor and I can use my scanner. The registrar came back from vacation and straightened out the deputy - all is well in my county. You're gonna have to fight you'alls registrar yourselves!! 

Tomorrow is a big night for me. I am giving out membership awards at the banquet. Our genealogy society is having our First Family banquet in the evening and I get to speak in front of nearly 30 people. Not sure if having DH in attendance will help or hinder me. Hope I can pronounce all the names correctly. Maybe I should go practice. :)

Starting my Christmas shopping. DD is about half done and one nephew is done. Everyone else - Not. Even. Started. I did get my sleigh - 

Pottery Barn - red metal sleigh

Put it together all by myself and it now sits proudly on the shelf over the front door. Going to have to find some sleigh bells for it and I already have a tree for in it. Think I will wrap some presents for in it and around it. I've also ebayed a wooden sled and skates for out on the porch. Some red bows and voila! 

The tree this year will be wrapped crackers - 

These are Thanksgiving Crackers from Bas Bleu
Mine will be obviously wrapped in Christmas wrap and then there will be popcorn and cranberry garland. Very simple old fashioned tree. Thought the sleigh/sled/skates would be a new touch. 

Plans are already in the make for my female relatives from my dad's side to come over and play cards and snack on Dec 12th. We've missed a couple of years so this will be a nice time. Already bought the cards!! Thinking I might make some mason jar gifts for the night. Could do cocoa or cookies, thought about small terrariums, maybe some soaps. Thoughts to work on. 

Maybe Jo-Ann's will give me some hints - heading there in a while. Fun fur is on sale and I want new stockings in white. The ad is already in the car waiting for me. 

Time for lunch and a nap. This cool rain has me in a sleepy mood today. 

Until next time - stay happy, calm and stitching!