Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Stork is Coming! The Stork is coming!

Sometime tomorrow or Friday. DD is to arrive at hospital tomorrow at 4p. Then we wait to see when Master Owen makes his arrival.

Cross your fingers, cross your toes, and cross those eyes too! Hoping for a smooth labor and delivery!

Next post...I'll be a Grandma doing typical grandma stuff...boring you to tears with pictures and stories of how unique, special, and precious the baby is!

Brace yourselves because I have been practising!

Woohoo, the time has finally come!!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Two in One Week!

Not sure if I am referring to the two posts in one week or the two finishes! 

Surf Life - Hands on Design 
Once again, I ventured out on my own for the colors used. Should say, DD ventured out on her own as she is the one who picked these. The picture really doesn't do justice to the tree bark. Apparently, I can no longer take a photograph. But, did you notice that  I found the iron??

The series of stitches by Hands on Design has been enormously fun. I'm now working on 'Oh Whale.' Just on more to go after that. Then on to the other summery/beachy designs. This bowl will be filled to the brim once these are finish finished.

Hope today finds you smiling!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Birthdays, Babies, and Finishes!

We'll start with the baby. He's being stubborn and refusing to come early - regardless what Grandma wants. I'm ready to hand Courtney an eviction notice for the little bugger. Oh well, guess I'm going to have to wait a bit longer for my cuddles.

I have two finishes to show. Um, I have no idea when I finished this one -

Anchor Down by Hands on Design
And last night I finished this -

Learn Your abz's - Hands on Design
My colors are off on the flag piece. I should have used a more red pink and a less gold yellow. But, I still like it.

Had a birthday the other day. Went to Cleveland and spent a few dollars. Lololol

Here's the stash -

And then there were a few pieces of fabric that came home too.

Courtney picked out some floss for my next stitch. No pictures of those. Already stitching Hands on Designs Surf Life.

While in Cleveland I overheard Courtney talking about something I had forgotten. She has promised me a trip to Maine. All I have to do is complete my large Portland Headlight Lighthouse stitch. I'm about half way done with it. Being that I started it in 2000....I may want to get busy with it.

I hope today finds you with needle in hand!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Baby on Board!

It's been a long time. I come and read every day and sometimes several times a day. Does that count? Life has become a blur lately. This could be the reason...

The grand baby will be arriving in 9 weeks! And we have been preparing.

His little fist is curled up to his chin. Yes, it is a boy and his name is Owen James. husband doesn't know the baby's middle name. We are keeping it a surprise that baby will be named after DH. And this was the SIL's idea!

The baby shower was last week. OMG - it's like Baby's R Us puked in my guest room!

The bed is full of clothing that my sister gave them. The basket with the raccoon blanket is full of more clothing.  And then in the upper picture - the wall o' diapers and wipes! And the crib still in its box.

The baby's room is about the same size as this one. I have no idea how they will fit all this and the crib in there.

I have no stitching to show and excuses galore. But, I'll not bore you with those.

Otherwise, life has been going along swimmingly. Just busy. Of course, as they one is ever that's all about priorities. Hmm, better ponder that one too.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Two Finishes!

Ha, this is not a normal day. I have two finishes to show you.

Grab Life - Hands on Design
28 ct. Toasted Almond
Victoria Motto Sampler Floss

Refuse to Sink - Hands on Design
32 ct Toasted Almond
Victoria Motto Sampler Floss and a DMC
Grab Life has been done for two weeks. I am a bad blogger and didn't come show you this right away. Now, Refuse to Sink...has been done for 10 minutes. 

Not sure what Mother Nature is thinking today. Out of the blue...bam! Snow. I had heard icy mix. We have as much snow if not more than what the 'blizzard' brought us last week. Yes, the weathermen messed up our forecast last week. "Up to 5" total in two days!" Pfft. We had a dusting. What do I have to do to get some snow around here? Well, I'm not belly dancing in a bikini! Yeah, NO ONE WANTS TO SEE THAT! 

Otherwise, it's been quiet around here. Waiting to hear from Logan's college to see if he got his assistants thingy. If tuition for the next year and money for housing! No student debt for his first Master's. And he has a job interview next week for a summer job until school starts in August. 

Courtney is chugging along...pregnancy is not her friend. The morning (all day) sickness is going away. But, just when she gets all cocky...guess what she's doing?! Teehee. I can laugh now. I remember that constant wooziness. 

DH and I are fine. Hoping for a genealogy trip to PA soon. But, he needs to finish this job. Cross your fingers for me that I don't have to go alone. What fun would that be? 

Well, time to go pick out the next project. I think I have only 5 more of the Hands on Design series to go. 


Saturday, February 18, 2017

Good-bye Fluffy Puppy...

Our Bridget passed this morning. The hours have both passed so quickly and incredibly slowly. We are numb. She was an amazing part of our family and it is quiet with out her. No click, click, clicking from room to room. No snoozy naps on the footstool. No big brown eyes wanting your Cheetos, sandwich, chips, and pretty much anything you were eating. 

Feb 21, 2006 - Feb 18, 2017
Here are a few pictures from Christmas.

Rest in peace sweetie - we'll miss you. 

Saturday, February 11, 2017

I Want Winter!!

So many of you have had the never ending winter this year and I am insanely jealous! Here in the East Central Corridor of Ohio, we've had one snowfall before Christmas of 5" and then two other snowfalls of less than 2". That's it. A few flurries.

I heard California has places with 173% of normal snowfall on the ground. The East coast is bracing for their second blizzard in a week. The northern mid-west has been blanketed. What about us???

Our temps have been in the 50's and 60's setting records. We get rain. Oh, tons of rain. But, I want snow. Probably the only person in this town that wants snow. But, dang it -- it's still winter. I know, I know, be careful what you wish for. But, at this late date...I doubt if we get another snow fluffy this season.

Rant over....

On the stitchy side of life - I have a finish!

Not All Stars
Designed by Hands On Design
Using Victorian Motto Floss
 I should have had this one done several days if not two weeks ago. Things have been interesting around here and last night I was finally able to get the last few stitches in.

I then immediately started this one ~

Grab Life
Designed by Hands On Design
Using Victorian Motto Floss
Went shopping a few weeks ago. We have a new stitching store in the area (Canton, Oh). It's a small store. They have been there now for just over a year and are already adding on! It's called Little Creek Needleworks.

Photo taken from their Facebook page
They have a weekly stitch-in on Thursdays. I hope to make it some day. I'm sure to stop by when I need that one floss I'm always running out of.

Here's my newest stash ~

The linen is Dirty, and left to right -
Stacy Nash Primitives - December 25th, Erica Michaels - 1776, and
Heartstring Samplery - E Pluribus Unum
Well, I've delayed doing the mileage for our taxes long enough. Gotta get it done. bbbbooooo...

Until next time!