Friday, May 27, 2016

Naturistic Finished!

I did it! Finished Naturistic yesterday afternoon. One of the fastest large projects ever.

Started Feb 6, 2016 - Finished May 26, 2016
If I figured correctly, that is 109 days and 49,750 stitches. Which when you think about it isn't some amazing number of stitches on the average day...about 2 1/4" square per day. But, there were several days, even weeks that there wasn't one stitch stitched.

Taking this one to Crafty Ewe in Broadview Heights to be framed. DH just doesn't have enough time to make frames like I would like. dare work get in the way of a craft....geez!

Usually, I sign the large pieces below the lower right corner. This time I signed the piece in the picture like a painting. It's in purple and doesn't scream, "Hey, look here...a signature!"

My son has spoken for this piece. Courtney wants Colorful Sky.

I have the top half finished and need to get on it. BUT...

What did I kit up this morning? The Snowflower Diaries March and June. Going to do them both on a 28ct Cashel Country Cream. Just loving the bear in the June piece. These are going to finished in a frame so I can pop them in and out. I do this with some Lizzy*Kate pieces. It's just kind of wonderful to be able to see them all and tire of none.

Well...time to go enjoy the porch. The humidity is low and there is a nice breeze. Not going to be on the highways this holiday weekend. Let the cops bother someone else...and not worry of wrecks and wackos!

Hope everyone has a wonderful enjoyable weekend. Maybe on Tuesday I'll have another finish. Ha, that would be my second this year and twice as many as last year. What's happened to me? I used to stitch 50-70 pieces per year.

Ok, off to herd turtles.(as Coni would say)

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Blogversary Win

A few weeks ago, Edgar over at Blacksheep's Bit of the Web had his 9th Blogversary Give Away. I was lucky enough to have the one of his pups pick my name!

Edgar sent a wonderful package to show me what I am missing by NOT being in San Francisco. Next time I'm on the west coast...San Francisco WILL be a destination!

Ghirardelli Chocolates, Noe Valley coffee, Dianda's pastries, and an
amazing coffee mug from Starbucks!

The cookies....yummy! Most had a hint of lemon!
I was so amazed at the goodies he sent. I've not used the coffee mug for coffee. It is perfect for dinner of chili though! lol If you notice on the has the Golden Gate bridge and the skyline on it. I still have a few chocolates...which is beyond belief if you know the chocolate hound I  am. The cookies were delightful. Light, lemony, soft, and smooth. Not sure if Edgar knew I loved Italian food or I just got lucky. Can't speak for the coffee though...that falls under the men in my house. As soon as they brew it...I will have my very first cup of (sober) coffee. ;) We are not speaking of the time I had the other 3 cups of coffee in my life. Um, I barely remember them.

Had a surprise visit from my niece and nephews. Haven't seen them much this year. So, I grabbed the camera to commemorate the occasion.

Bryce -- will be 3 this fall

Alivia - 6 in August

Garin -- OMG...10 this fall
 Stitching has taken another slow down...library projects have taken precedence. One project at a time.

Until next time...enjoy the locust....

Monday, May 9, 2016

Rainy Monday

Had a wonderful weekend!

First, DD graduated from Zane State College with her Radiology Tech degree. Here are the girls from her group.

Courtney is the one on the left in the front row. 
 We decorated her cap. And had a great time with it! Mind you it took 4 hours...

The school knows her by her first name.
And here's a shot of the proud momma and poppa...

The graduation speakers tend to be long winded and we were feeling the pain. lol Actually, compared to Logan's graduation at KSU last winter...this went quickly. And the chairs were comfortable. 

Then later Saturday night I was inducted into Guernsey County, OH First and Pioneer Families. Meaning I was able to trace relatives to Guernsey County, OH prior to 1820 (First) and 1850 (Pioneer). 
Checking out my pins.

And I am still stitching. Remember when I said, "Arthritis be damned!"? Well, boy did it show me who was boss. Thumb pain won hands down. Compression gloves were purchased and worn. They helped, but rest was the solution. 

There are lots of black stitches that will make the finish a quick one. Then the framing. This one is going to be done by Crafty Ewe. Normally, I stretch and frame my own. But, I'm feeling plucky and want someone else to do this baby. 

Until next time....

Thursday, April 21, 2016

What We Have Lost...

Unbelievable to lose such great talent so young....

Prince Rogers Nelson
1958 -2016

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Why I've Been Gone!

If we just start with oops - then maybe everything else will explain itself.

See, a few weeks ago I thought it would be heavenly to get away to a B&B with the hubby. I found a neat place in south eastern Ohio and thought -- "Ok, we could try this." And filed it away. Then imagine my surprise when DH comes home to tell me he'll be working in that area (a mere 15 minutes away from the B&B).

I started the ball rolling and showed him pictures of the rooms available. DH, in his typical way, chose the largest room. (Ok, he makes the money and I spend it. What can I say when he spends more than I would have?) I made the reservations and we were set.

Our Room - The Southern Cross

The views from my two balconies.

Now, mind you, he's to work in this area for 2 weeks. Remember that - 2 weeks.

I arrive at the B&B on Tuesday afternoon. I'd taken all snacks and even one evening meal so I never have to leave. DH shows up on his 2nd day at this job site telling me he is finished already and is leaving the next morning for Louisiana. Imagine my surprise and disappointment.

In the morning he needs to get up bright and early (3a) to leave for his office. A normal 20 minute drive has become 45 because he isn't at home. The boss tells him he needs to go to Pittsburgh, PA before leaving for Louisiana. (Not a direct route if you ask me.) By the end of the day - he has been in Coshocton, OH and to Pittsburgh, PA and back to Coshocton. And then he heads down to spend the evening with me in Salesville, OH. The next morning he again gets up early and treks to Coshocton to leave for Louisiana. He get 5 hours south before being called back to Coshocton as the job has been delayed. So, he meets me at our home that night.

This takes us to Friday --- now he's leaving for Terre Haute, IN. Then to Chillicothe, OH and repeat. One trip a day for two days. Oh, goody, he's working on the weekend now. Except - not. No, they get loaded from Terre Haute and get stopped at the Ohio border with over weight loads and have to spend the night there. At 6a the next morning the company has sent a crane and another semi trailer to move the loads around. He finally makes it home around 4p Saturday afternoon and the 2nd trip to Terre Haute is cancelled.

To say the least, he was then ready for the B&B.

While I was taking my breather days - I managed to stitch for hours uninterrupted. Just me, the floss, the fabric, and the tv tuned to Dateline on OWN. I did have amazing breakfasts! Amazing tasting and amazing amounts!! The first morning I had bacon, eggs, sausage links, french toast, and juice. I just couldn't eat the french toast or sausage. On Thursday morning, I was made a bacon/sausage/cheese omelet, toast, more sausage links and two juices. Needless to say, my dog was happy with her leftovers when I got home.

Now, I didn't get this all done in two days. I took this picture a few days ago. But, it is moving along nicely. See that little black block to the right of the 'grass'? From that point across the whole piece and below is completely black solid stitching. Can we say fly?

Here's a picture of the main living room of the B&B ~

Since I've been home the family has had our Easter dinner, We took both kids, the son-in-law, and Mom to dinner at Outback. Yummy! And I didn't have to cook, clean, or do the dishes. Best meal ever when being served to you and you don't have the work. lol

So, on Easter Sunday, DD and I are shopping for her interview clothes. It's almost time for her to graduate from Radiology school and go be a big girl. She is more than ready. She just needs to finish these next 5 weeks and all is well.

If you've made it this far - congratulations! I'm done. Sorry for yapping about my hubby's terrible week, but it is almost humorous how this crane company works. There have been days when I have received 5 phone calls with him telling me his plans have changed. I mean really.

Well, to all of you still here - happy wishes to you.
Until we meet again ~ Denise

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Three Down and Nine to Go!

As of Feb 29 - I have completed three pages. This is some type of record for me. Just 23 days of stitching...14,823 stitches!


I purchased some Piecemakers needles. Vonna had mentioned how wonderful they are. And she isn't lying. They sing in the fabric. Perfectly balanced and smooth. 

Nothing new to report - a bridge near us will be imploded April 15th. I went and took pictures of it the other day. 

It is (I believe) the last of its type in the county. There have been 3 others taken down near my home that were the same kind. Guess it is the end of an era. This one was built in 1948. A new picture for my history wall. The price of progress? 

Last Sunday we finally caught up watching all the Downton Abbey we've missed these years. Took us a month to watch all 6 seasons. So, Sunday I will watch my first and last 'live' Downton. It's amazing how invested you can become in a tv show. I have the ending I would like to see in mind, but I hope they do even better than I hope! 

Tonight has turned into a stitching night. At least 6 hours with little to no interruptions! Woohoo. No dinner to make - no tv I have to watch. Although, I did pick up the last Terminator movie today. Think I may save that for tomorrow. 

I hear my needle calling my name! 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Finally, A Place to Put Them!

Last fall I found a cabinet for my Willow Tree figurines. DH wasn't able to see the cabinet for another 2 days. By that time - it was sold. But, I left my name and number with the sales clerk and the owner called me a few weeks ago. This was delivered Sunday. 

It makes me smile every time I see it. Finally, I can see these as they should be - displayed properly! If you would like to have Joeleen restore a piece for you - goto She has stores in Coshocton, Ohio and North Carolina!

On the stitching front - it's all Mary Jane's fault!! She emailed me and made the comment that she would be hard pressed to wait until Colorful Sky was completed before starting Naturistic. She loved the blues and purples as much as I did. Well, I hadn't given it any thought to start the new project. I just thought I would rush through Colorful Sky and be thrilled to start Naturistic.

Then I got to thinking. And twitching. And then stitching. I'm blaming Mary Jane and that's my story - I'm sticking to it! (As if anyone would have to hogtie me and say I had to start this. lol)

Ten days and I've done a page and a half. Normally, it would take about a month per page. This is a wonderful stitch. The colors are clumpy. You get to change colors so not to be bored, but there are enough stitches together to really fly.

I'm stitching so much that my arthritis is flaring some. But, I don't care. Insomnia be damned - I'm stitching at night before bed. If my poor husband wants to see me - head to the stitching room.

We got snow last night! The weathermen had called for 8-12". We got an extremely wet 4-5" This is snowball fighting and snowman making snow! The dog (and my mother) hate it. lololol Finally, now we can head into spring and I'm good. It's wonderful that that is my attitude as the temperatures are to be in the 50's this weekend. :)

Well, schools are closed and that means I didn't have to go to the genealogy library today. Snow day! I'm heading for the shower and the stitchy chair! Woohoo