Friday, November 6, 2015

Look Closely for Progress!

Well, I took pictures of my progress - you just can't see it!

Week of Oct 28th

Week of  Nov 4th
Over on the right side there is some new pale pink on the top picture and just a few more stitches on the bottom picture.

So little stitching time. There are reasons, but I'm afraid they would sound more like excuses. My biggest issue - my daylight lamp is giving me insomnia if I stitch after DH goes to bed. I can be tired and then to go stitch - I'm up until after 2a, Not a good way to go. 

I left you hanging last time as to what I was going to do about the health dept. in my county not allowing scans. Well, the issue has been resolved in my favor and I can use my scanner. The registrar came back from vacation and straightened out the deputy - all is well in my county. You're gonna have to fight you'alls registrar yourselves!! 

Tomorrow is a big night for me. I am giving out membership awards at the banquet. Our genealogy society is having our First Family banquet in the evening and I get to speak in front of nearly 30 people. Not sure if having DH in attendance will help or hinder me. Hope I can pronounce all the names correctly. Maybe I should go practice. :)

Starting my Christmas shopping. DD is about half done and one nephew is done. Everyone else - Not. Even. Started. I did get my sleigh - 

Pottery Barn - red metal sleigh

Put it together all by myself and it now sits proudly on the shelf over the front door. Going to have to find some sleigh bells for it and I already have a tree for in it. Think I will wrap some presents for in it and around it. I've also ebayed a wooden sled and skates for out on the porch. Some red bows and voila! 

The tree this year will be wrapped crackers - 

These are Thanksgiving Crackers from Bas Bleu
Mine will be obviously wrapped in Christmas wrap and then there will be popcorn and cranberry garland. Very simple old fashioned tree. Thought the sleigh/sled/skates would be a new touch. 

Plans are already in the make for my female relatives from my dad's side to come over and play cards and snack on Dec 12th. We've missed a couple of years so this will be a nice time. Already bought the cards!! Thinking I might make some mason jar gifts for the night. Could do cocoa or cookies, thought about small terrariums, maybe some soaps. Thoughts to work on. 

Maybe Jo-Ann's will give me some hints - heading there in a while. Fun fur is on sale and I want new stockings in white. The ad is already in the car waiting for me. 

Time for lunch and a nap. This cool rain has me in a sleepy mood today. 

Until next time - stay happy, calm and stitching!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Bluebird Update

As of yesterday - this is where I stood on my bluebirds. The colors in this piece are somewhat jarring to me. I like them all individually, but I'm still not sure how I feel with them all in one piece. 

Progress after 4 weeks
Just read Edgar's blog post a few minutes ago - he mentioned feeling 'peckish.' And that completely describes my mood today. What has me in a bother?

Well, this - A line item in HB 64 recently signed by Governor Kasich reads: “Sec. 3705.231. A local registrar shall allow an individual to photograph or otherwise copy a birth or death record.”
If an individual has a camera or iPhone with which to take a picture, he or she should be able to get a non-certified copy of an Ohio Birth or Death Certificate from a city or county health department free of charge after October 1, 2015. Hand held scanners and wands may be used at the discretion of the local registrar.
 I went to my local Vital Statistics office to get a free (non-certified) copy of my grandfathers birth record. Had all the information needed to get said copy. She provided the copy and proceeded to ask me, "Is that a scanner?" to which I said yes. She took the copy of that birth record from me and picked up her copy of Section 3705.231. It stated the record could be copied by, "a smart phone or camera." There was no mention of scanner on her copy. Then she states, "you can print a copy off a scanner." I told her, "I can print a copy from a photo - what's the difference?" 
To say I was miffed is an understatement. What does 'otherwise copy" mean if not scanning the page?? And the paper she waved in front of me didn't state the whole section to begin with. I came home and found the correct full section. I called the office wanting to know if Tuscarawas County has decided to not allow scanners. When they called back I was told, "The registrar is on vacation and no determination would be made until after her vacation was over - October 26th." Grr.
So, I called a genealogy society asking where they got their information. Of course, the woman I wanted to speak to wasn't there. But, I was told contact the Attorney General of Ohio. I did. For what good that did me. The office is "unable to translate legislation" and would not tell me what "otherwise copy" meant. But, they have just returned my call and the sweet woman I spoke to was unsure why I was told that at my local office. She gave me a phone number to call the state level of Vital Statistics. 
Yeah, yeah, I know take my camera back and get the copies. Yep, I could do that. But, when taking a photo of a paper like that it is best to use a copy stand. (yep, I have one) What galls me most - what is the difference between a jpeg taken with a camera vs a jpeg with a scanner??? 
Gonna make this next phone call - wish me luck! At this point I just want an explanation as to what 'otherwise copy means' and why is there a difference between a camera and a scanner?? 
Off to rattle a few more branches....

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Another Week -- More Stitches

This is going to be a speed post. Must leave the house in minutes.

Where I stand after 3 weeks
Maggee asked what issue of JCS had this pattern. Here's the cover. I believe it was May or June of 2014. It has a display until date of June 30, 2014 in the corner.

I tried to get a picture of the finished piece and blogger insists it must rotate the picture. Sorry.

Well, it is time to go. Until next week!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Stitching Mojo has returned and so have I

Good Afternoon everyone!

It's been a long time. As the title says... I am stitching again. After almost a year off - the thread is in the needle and the needle is stitching away.

I fell in love with Marie Barber's Redbirds a few years ago and I whizzed through the stitch. She released Bluebirds last year in JCS magazine. I have emailed her and there is a 3rd pattern that JCS has yet to publish called Chick-A-Dee (I think). Hope it is released soon.

Here is what I have been doing the last two weeks ~

After one week...


after two weeks.

The flower is now almost complete and then it's on to all the leaves around the birds. This piece is not quiet as large as Redbird's. But, it should be as stunning as Redbird's.

Still volunteering at the genealogy society. My obituary index is complete for 49 years. Just waiting for 2015 to finish to complete this book and then on to editing and publication. We just applied for a grant - cross your fingers for us. We are looking into two more grants next week. Hoping we can obtain a new microfilm reader, computer, and archival items.

The family is doing well. DH is still a crane operator and should be taking a vacation soon. DD is completing her Radiology degree in May. And DS will be getting his Bachelor's in December. He plans to go on for his Master's and PhD. My concern is where he plans to go to get the Master's...he is a International Relations student concentrating in Middle Eastern studies. Not thrilled with his plans at all.

Still not a grandma...not even in the plans yet. :(  So, I am still spoiling my sister's kids. Telling you what though...I'm going to have a to adopt a grandkid here soon. I got me some major spoiling skills going to waste. Just saying.

Hope this finds you all well. Planning to check in a bit more frequently again.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015 2 Days!

Bored this evening...thought I would stop by and update the blog.

Nothing much happening except my son will be home Saturday afternoon and I couldn't be happier. He's been interning in DC for the last few months and spring break is here. Although, he's going to have a rough few minutes coming off the plane...the girlfriend, sister, and I are all meeting him. Who to hug first...

Stitching wise - I'm still struggling. Mary Jane's birthday is coming in about 3 weeks. Her stitch is 1/3 of the way done. I better get busy.

Spring is upon us here in Ohio. The river is in the yard, the driveway is muddy, and my hubby is working longer hours. Hence, the boredom.

Hope you are having a wonderful week -
Talk soon - Denise

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Random Thoughts...

Just recently I have been thinking about this blog. It seems like eons ago I started here all worried about how much I could say/do because this is the internet and you could have your identity stolen. Well, I got over that pretty quickly.

Back then I wondered how someone could walk away from their blog and not have time to talk about stitching. There have been a few people that never said goodbye and just stopped blogging. One day they were here and the next day- you realized it had been a few weeks since you heard from them. I couldn't imagine that one day I would be one of those people who slowly stopped blogging.

At first I didn't realize it had been days or weeks since I posted. But, when I looked at my reading sidebar I was shocked to see that I had read 5+ books since the last one shown. Now, I'm lucky to even look at my own blog let alone look at yours.

What happened to me? As silly as it seems - I stopped working. I was depressed at my job and I came to bloggerville to cheer me up. There are people here who liked the same things I do. Now, in retirement - I'm so danged busy that there are days I don't know which end is up. Amazing - I had to quit work to get a life. And all along I had been told work is who you are and your life. Hogwash!

I have a stitching room - I have projects that are waiting oh so patiently on me. I even have a Christmas gift started (MJ, I swear it will be done by your birthday.) But, even stitching doesn't fill the time anymore. I used to run to the room to get away from the stress of the job. I'd hide there for hours. Not any more. Although, I did take a break from the lighthouse to complete two other projects.

Even my own genealogy has taken a back seat lately. Working on the elusive Brosius clan with their many children all named the same name doesn't trip my trigger as much as it did.

So, what has my attention now - volunteering at the genealogy society. I've met wonderful people there, found a nitch where I feel useful, and I am no longer depressed. That nitch translates to - I am the membership chairman, the librarian, and on the grant committee. All that in less than a year.

Does all this mean I am quitting blogging. For now - no. Stitching - that will always be some part of my life. But, I guess I wanted to tell you why I'm not here much anymore. Basically, life continues to change and interests wax and wane. (I'm a poet and didn't know it - lol)

So, Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate. Happy New Year to all.
Until next time - Denise

Friday, October 24, 2014

Today is the Day!

Can you believe I actually remembered I had a give-away ending today? Not only that, but I've already drawn the winner. And I happened to have their snail mail address. AND, the package is on its way to....New York! Yep, Paula was my winner!

Your package went out Priority Mail and should be there next week. I added a couple of magazines in there - I ordered from Nordic Needle thinking I was ordering July and Sept 2014, but ordered 2013 instead. My oops is your gain. I hope you don't already have these two magazines. If you do, pass 'em on! :)

Today is beautiful in my part of Ohio. Gorgeous sunny warm weather. This weekend is supposed to be wonderful. I'm thinking this may be our Indian Summer. The Asian beetles and those black bugs with the red V are out in force. Ick. Guess I wouldn't mind them at all if they didn't have to hang out at the front door.

Nothing to exciting to report. Tomorrow is Courtney's first anniversary already. How the year has passed. Some body must have snapped their fingers and the days flew. Other than that - same old same old. And I'm loving it.

So, until I meet you here again - take care and smile often!